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¡We are a visualization studio with a Working online method , which specializes in the production of info architectural material High Quality !
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About Us

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We are a visualization studio with an online work method, it is specialized in the creation of high quality architectural imagery, resulting from the collaboration of a team integrated by architects and creative designers who are committed,  passionate about design and computer graphics industry.

We are always in continuous growth in order to provide our customers with better quality graphics in a efficiently and competitively manner with the required knowledge for a correct interpretation of their projects using different representation techniques.

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Our online work platform allows us to offer much more affordable costs and results , in some cases, higher than current alternatives. Our working method has proven to be efficient and functional along our path. By taking advantage of next-generation computing resources, it is possible for us to maintain a clear and effective communication with each of our clients allowing us to conduct a flow similar to physical working schemes work.

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NOXX Studio relies on a group of collaborators formed by architects, designers and visual artists commited and involved with the acquisition of knowledge and new representation techniques that allow provide an innovative and high-end services to customers and users.
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M.A. Miguel Ángel Vargas Calderón

Director and co-founder of NOXX Studio

Studied a bachelor in Architecure and has five years of experience working as a freelancer in the field of architectural rendering, three-dimensional modeling and photo-realistic vizualization, two of which, he had been working for various architectural firms in Australia, developing different type of projects, sizes and levels of complexity. In 2013 he graduated with a Master of Architecture from QUT (Queensland University of Technology) in Brisbane, Australia. During his stay abroad, he attended several courses, trainings and conferences concerning to architectural representation assisted by digital media and computer graphics industry.

Arq. Kenia Rodríguez Tinoco

Co-founder of NOXX Studio, manager in post-production and editing area

Graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2010 from La Salle University, with experience in architectural design, modeling and creation of conceptual and marketing imagery. She has experience working with national and international architects firms in the cities of Morelia and Guadalajara in Mexico and Brisbane, Australia. She has attended courses and conferences in various disciplines that contribute to the development of skills in the art of visualization as photography courses, color, advanced photography post-production, among others.

Arq. Víctor Hugo Quintana Chagolla

Manager in the 3D modeling area

Graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from La Salle University in 2010. He has extensive experience in interpretation of master plans set, conceptual sketches and models, has developed advanced modeling skills using different computer platforms. Passionate about complex parametric shapes, always in search of new challenges and formal trends in contemporary architecture.

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Our philosophy forces us to be subject at all time in a constant upgrade and training, as a result, each member has developed different skills that enrich and complement our work, and allows tue creation of photo-realistic and high quality imagery in an efficient and creative way.


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Our goal is to provide our clients with professional service for every project devoting the time and resources required for it to cover customer expectations, concluding in high-impact images.

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Each project is treated confidentially supervised by the owners of NOXX Studio. We know the meaning of the word “confidential”. We respect and recognize the vital importance of the importance of copyright, security and confidentiality are our customers.

Therefore, we guarantee, we assure you that your work remains just that, a service. We do not keep records relating to their projects, and only keep a written record of your project in your account information for future promotions.

Also note that intervene only at the stage of representation, so we do not draw or merge it their designs to new proposals, which do not participate in the areas of design to our customers.

Finally, we can sign a confidentiality agreement if your job requires. Please contact us if you have further questions.


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We offer the creation of high-impact and photo realistic graphic material from drawings, sketches, models or other project references. Through an efficient and accurate interpretation of these resources, it is possible to obtain a consistent graphical versions with the final design, thus contributing to increase the commercialization of your ideas and services.
To NOXX Studio confidence is quite important, for this reason we are committed to use your project confidentially as well as the material you provided for the graphics development.

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How it works

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Request your quote, you will get an answer in less than 3 hours.


Send your project in cad, revit, sketchup or even sketches, try to specify materials as much as possible.


The required data to make the payment will be sent to your e-mail, it has to be done by PayPal. Please indicate whether you require an invoice.


Throughout the process you will have 2 reviews with an unlimited number of corrections, you will be notified after the end of each phase.


In this render it is possible to made a third and final review, however, the allowed corrections will be in very specific aspects of the images such as material, lighting, color and atmosphere.


It is required to fulfill the total payment of services. The invoice will be issued if it was requested.


The final render will be sent to your e-mail in high resolution and fully detailed.
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Get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to assist you!
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Contact information

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Contact us![dt_gap height=”10″ /]

Cell Phone

(+52) 33 18 80 67 87 [dt_gap height=”10″ /]


info@noxxstudio.com.mx [dt_gap height=”10″ /]


Monday to Friday 9:00AM – 7:00PM Saturday 9:00AM – 2:00PM [dt_gap height=”10″ /]

Social Networks

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Send us a message

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